“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.” – Peter Drucker

Our services

Our factory is equipped with the latest machine technology , operated by highly trained experts, giving us a  yearly production capacity of 10,000MT

Regionally unmatched sterilization techniques Separate JAWDA from its local and regional competitors.

Our finished products have purity rates exceeding 99.98%.

Our products come in diverse packages and sizes depending on the needs of our customers.

Our main aim is to guarantee the constant high quality of our products.

This is made possible by to the close contact to our suppliers in Egypt and the high quality is confirmed by regular analysis in independent laboratories.

Not only we are a certified organic exporter, but as a certified processor, we are able to fully guarantee specification- compliant organic products to all who demand a top quality organic product.

We have our own dehydration and drying facilities, both by natural and mechanical means, which are managed by highly- qualified agricultural engineers, ensuring only the highest quality raw materials are fed into our production lines.

Dried Herbs & seeds, over 150 tons.

Organic dried Herbs & seeds, over 100 tons
Organic seed oil, over 10 tons.

Black cumin capsules, over 10 million capsules.

Always tell your opinion when asked – you always meet twice.

Customer adapted services – not two customers are the same.

Consultation services & field visits 

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